Water-based Eyebrow Stain (MM series)


· Two years quality guarantee
· Plastic containers: 20kg net.
Water-based Metallic Nail Polish (MZJS series)
· For: Nail Polish

General information:

MM series Water-based Eyebrow Stain has five colors: Dark Coffee, Light Coffee, Black, Grey, and Brown. This series is featured in brilliant color, good resistance to water, easy to cleanse and no trace of heavy metal. It also has advantages of no toxic and side effects, anti-leaking designed with long cap-off time, excellent stability, and fluent in writing.

Storage and handling

CAUTION: The MM series must be stored indoor below 30℃ and avoid strong sunlight.   Ink containers must be closed tightly.The filling station must be cleaned and maintained carefully. Any contamination may result in color mismatch or instability of the ink system. The full coordination test of inks and writing device component is recommended.

Writing Device Components:

1) Nibs:  polyester, Polyethylene foam
2) Barrels, Caps and Plugs: Polypropylene, polyethylene

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